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USMTS National Tour ends at Deer Creek Speedway

RACINE, Minn. (June 20, 2002) - The USMTS National Tour that started June 4th at the Belleville Highbanks and ended at the Deer Creek Speedway was a great success. Out of the sixteen nights of racing only two of the races were rained out.

One of these races will be rescheduled. The race at Humboldt, KS that was scheduled for June 12th will try and get rescheduled here in the next month. This race will still be added to the points from this tour swing.

Of the twelve nights of racing only one driver won more than one race and that driver Justin Boney in the Harris Auto Racing chassis picked up two wins at Belleville win the qualifying event on Tuesday and the main event on Wednesday. After Belleville a different winner each night.

The car counts and crowds for each event was very good and USMTS is working out to make the 2003 national tour 21 straights days of racing.

The series started out with the $5000 to win special at the Highbanks in Belleville, KS. With drivers reaching speeds of more than 120+ miles per hour a great show was put on. Justin Boney and Jason Hughes raced side by side for several laps before Boney pulled away at the end.

This was the first ever win in the USMTS for Justin Boney and also the biggest payday of his racing career.

Rounding out the top five was three Harris cars as Kurt Johnston, Marc Robe and Clint Bowyer finished fifth.

The track was very fast and hard on motors as more than fifteen motors let go. A total of thirty-five different drivers battled at the Highbanks.

The series moved to North Dakota for the 7th Annual Fisher Motors Rough Rider Classic on Friday, Saturday and Sunday June 7-9th. Forty-seven cars checked in for the racing action on Friday night.

Local driver Joren Boyce picked up the win with another local hotshoe Hank Berry taking home the runner-up spot.

On Saturday the USMTS drivers would get there stuff together and take the top three spots as Jason Hughes picked up the win with Tommy Myer and Jon Tesch rounding out the top three.

Sunday's races that were scheduled to pay $5,000 were rained out and not rescheduled. All the drivers would pack there stuff up and head back to Iowa for a stop at the Crawford County Speedway in Denison, IA on Tuesday June 11th .

Thirty-eight drivers checked in for the racing action and Randy Zimmerman from Fort Scott, KS would pick up the win leading all thirty laps.

Zimmerman started the race from the pole position and would hold off late charger Kelly Shryock for the win.

Mark Noble would finish third after early race troubles would make Noble start at the back of the field.

Rounding out the top five was Jason Hughes and Tommy Myer.

In what was going to be a great night of racing as cars were lined up for more than two miles the racing did get rained out and will be rescheduled.

This race was to be a topless race.

More than four inches of rain fell late Tuesday night, but Ron Whitworth and crew had the place looking great and almost ready to race when a ten minute dumping of rain at 4pm would leave the place very wet. Ron and crew tried everything to make it possible to run, but had to pull the plug at 6pm.

The series moved to Wheatland Raceway in Wheatland, MO on Thursday for the first ever race at the speedway.

Sixty cars checked in for the racing action and Mark Noble from Blooming Prairie, MN picked up his second win of the season after starting the race from the seventh row.

Noble and fellow Minnesota driver Tim Donlinger would battle it out for much of the race with Noble crossing the line first. Rounding out the top five was Shryock, Zimmerman, and Justin Folk.

The series would make another first stop at a speedway with a visit to the Callaway Raceway in Fulton, MO.

Another great field of cars on hand as fifty modifieds checked in for the racing action.

Mark Burgtorf from Quincy, IL would pick up the win as Bruce Hanford and Burgtorf would battle for the top spot for much of the race. Hanford led ten laps, but raced Burgtorf side by side for more than thirty laps.

Rounding out the top five was Justin Boney, Darrin Walker and Kelly Shryock. This was a very exciting race as drivers were battling for every spot. Boney came from sixth on the last lap to a third place finish.

The series made the first of two visits to the Scotland County Speedway in Memphis, MO on Saturday.

A huge crowd of people witnessed some more great modified racing with fifty-three modifieds in the pit area and more than 168 total cars. Scott Megonigle picked up his first ever USMTS win in actually his first ever USMTS race. Megonigle and Bruce Hanford with Bret Frieden all battling for the top spot.

Hanford would lead for several laps before late in the race Megonigle would get by and put some distance between himself and Hanford. Rounding out the top five was Tony Fraise and Kelly Shryock.

On Sunday the series would make its first ever appearance at the Lee County Speedway in Donnellson, IA. Thirty-eight cars checked in for Sundays racing action which saw Tony Fraise local driver pick up his first ever USMTS win. Fraise had many strong challenges from Kelly Shryock, but held his line and picked up the $2000 paycheck. The battle for much of the race was between Tim Donlinger and Corey Dripps as they went back and forth many times throughout the race. Bruce Hanford put on a late charge and worked his way to a fifth place finish.

On Monday the series moved to the Southern Iowa Speedway in Oskaloosa, IA for the first ever appearance for the USMTS.

Chris Speiker and Kelly Shryock battled it out for the last ten laps with Speiker picking up his first ever win with the USMTS. Speiker started the race from the front row outside and lead all but one lap as Shryock did get by late in the race. Forty-three drivers checked in for the racing action and a good crowd witnessed some great modified racing. Rounding out the top five was local driver Mike Hughes third, Ron Schreiner, and Johnny Bone Jr.

On Tuesday the series moved to the Butler County Speedway for the first race of the season at the speedway.

One week before the race the track had not been touched from the previous year. Bob Cole and Crew took to the speedway and did one heck of a job trying to get the speedway back into shape. A big thank you goes out to Bob Cole and Dan Feltus who did the watering on the track. The track did get a little rough for the racing action, but drivers did not have to race right in the holes as the track was in pretty good shape considering what it could have been. Drivers were making both the top and the bottom of the speedway work and what a great race we had.

We did not get to much water on the speedway as we didn’t want to tear up the track so fans did get treated to some dust as a strong 25+mph south wind blew into the stands for much of the race. Tommy Myer picked up his first win of the season taking the lead from Bruce Hanford after Hanford bounced off the wall around lap ten. Myer would get some serious threats from Jason Hughes who started the race in the seventh row late in the race. Myer would hold the bottom of the speedway and pick up the win.

Rounding out the top five was Skeet Amason, Kelly Shryock and Justin Boney. The series will be back to the Butler County Speedway in Allison, IA on Friday July 19th . The track will have been raced on three times and should be in good shape for this race. Fifty-nine modifieds and more than 110 total cars in the pit area and a very good crowd witnessed the racing action.

The final night of racing for the tour was Wednesday at the Deer Creek Speedway in Racine, MN and Steve Wetzstein who started the race eighth picked up his first ever USMTS win after taking the top spot from Bruce Hanford. Hanford ran the bottom of the speedway with Wetzstein on the high side.

The long race week started taking its toll on cars as only twelve cars finished the race.

Tommy Myer who started the race sixth got tangled with Wetzstein early in the race and ended up with a flat and went to the tail. Myer would later get involved with Todd Scharkey and go to the tail again.

Myer may have been the fastest car on the track at the end of the race and finished with a fifth place finish.

Rounding out the top five was Johnny Bone, Skeet Amason, and Myer. It was announced that the 4th Annual Fall Jamboree would be held Sept 19-21 at Deer Creek Speedway and will pay $2000 on Thursday, $4000 on Friday and $6000 on Saturday.

For more information on the USMTS call the USMTS office at 515-832-7944.


Belleville High Banks, Belleville, Kan.

Tuesday, June 4

A-main - Justin Boney, Kurt Johnston, Jason Hughes, Brook Phillips, Steve Wetzstein, Marc Robe, Kelly Shryock, Clint Bowyer, Curt Fulps, Johnny Bone, John Allen, Mark Noble, Tommy Myer, Ron Schreiner, Kevin Peters, George White.

Wednesday June 5

A-main - Justin Boney, Jason Hughes, Kurt Johnston, Marc Robe, Clint Bowyer, Kelly Shryock, Ron Schreiner, Johnny Bone, Tommy Myer, Mark Noble, Don Renfro, John Allen, Steve Burch, Curt Fulps, Phil Dixon, Joey Kates, Darrick Klima, Brook Phillips, Brandon Watson, David Murray, George Whote, Steve Wetzstein, Dan Daniels, Kevin Peters.

Nodak Speedway, Minot, N.D.

Friday, June 7

A-main - Joren Boyce, Hank Berry, Mike Chasteen, Jon Tesch, Johnny Bone, Tommy Myer, Justin Boney, Mike Spaulding, Dan Daniels, Shawn Strand, Todd Klees, Mark Noble, Jason Hughes, Les Duellman, Ben Seidler, Wayne Johnson, Kelly Shryock, Mike Hagen, Allen Kent, Trent Johnson, Dean Mahlstadt, Steve Pfeifer, Robert Hellebust, Leo Burkhardsmier.

Saturday, June 8

A-main - Jason Hughes, Tommy Myer, Jon Tesch, Kelly Shryock, Shawn Strand, Dean Mahlstadt, Les Duellman, Ed Turnbull, Mark Noble, Joren Boyce, Johnny Bone, Mike Chasteen, Justin Boney, Dan Daniels, Allen Kent, Joey Kates, Mike Hagen, Mike Spaulding, Luke Cochran, Ben Seidler, Robert Hellebust, Leo Burkhardsmier, Todd Klees, Hank Berry.

Crawford County Speedway, Denison, Iowa

Tuesday, June 11

Heat 1 - Tommy Myer, Randy Zimmerman, Todd Klees, Dean Mahlstedt, Ron Schreiner.

Heat 2 - Kelly Shryock, Jason Hughes, Danny McKeighan, John VanDenBerg, B.J. Bruck.

Heat 3 - Mike Chasteen, Mark Noble, John Krajicek, Richard Hesse, Dan Daniels.

Heat 4 - Kevin Peterson, Jason Krohn, Tim Donlinger, Jerry Warner, Tim Weaver.

Heat 5 - Chris Spieker, Bruce Hanford, Doug Riley, Johnny Bone Jr., Adam Larson.

B-main 1 - Johnny Bone Jr., Danny McKeighan, Ron Schreiner, Dean Mahlstedt, Doug Riley.

B-main 2 - Todd Klees, Justin Boney, John Krajicek, Tim Weaver, Michael Johnson.

A-main - Randy Zimmerman, Kelly Shryock, Mark Noble, Jason Hughes, Tommy Myer, Bruce Hanford, Justin Boney, Richard Hesse, Johnny Bone Jr., Tim Donlinger, John Krajicek, Michael Johnson, Tim Weaver, Ron Schreiner, Adam Larson, Chris Spieker, Dean Mahlstedt, Danny McKeighan, Jason Krohn, Kevin Peterson, Todd Klees, Joey Kates, Doug Riley, Mike Chasteen.

Wheatland Raceway, Wheatland, Mo.

Thursday, June 13

Heat 1 – Randy Zimmerman, Ron Schreiner, Tim Donlinger, Scott Daniels, Bruce Hanford.

Heat 2 – Rex Merit, Larry Stevenson, Rick Gustin, Danny Lorton, Tim Weaver.

Heat 3 – Justin Folk, Curt Rackers, Chad Lyle, Eddie Martin, Jeff LeBaube.

Heat 4 – Danny Chapman, Mark Noble, Johnny Bone Jr., Justin Boney, Scott Drake.

Heat 5 – Tommy Myer, Todd Klees, Skeet Amason, Eric Turner, Mike Folk.

Heat 6 – Jason Hughes, Kelly Shryock, Dan Daniels, Curt Barnett, Bobby Allen.

B-main 1 – Dan Daniels, Bruce Hanford, Larry Stevenson, Andy Tennison, Bobby Allen.

B-main 2 – Kelly Shryock, Curt Rackers, Mike Folk, Tim Weaver, Eric Turner.

B-main 3 – Mark Noble, Justin Boney, Skeet Amason, Curt Barnett, Davie Mitchell

A-main – Mark Noble, Tim Donlinger, Kelly Shryock, Randy Zimmerman, Justin Folk, Jeff Cutshaw, Jason Hughes, Danny Chapman, Dan Daniels, Tommy Myer, Curt Barnett, Todd Klees, Kevin Peterson, Bruce Hanford, Rex Merit, Skeet Amason, Eric Turner, Johnny Bone Jr., John Allen, Curt Rackers, Chad Lyle, Justin Boney, Ron Schreiner, Rick Gustin.

Callaway Raceways, Fulton, Mo.

Friday, June 14

Heat 1 - Bruce Hanford, Curt Rackers, Jason Russell, Skeet Amason, Jason Hughes.

Heat 2 – Mark Burgtorf, Darin Walker, David Mitchell, Phil Dixion, Tim Weaver.

Heat 3 – Kelly Shryock, Tommy Myer, Eddie Martin, Bryan Collins, Dan Chapman.

Heat 4 – Bob Test, Randy Zimmerman, Justin Boney, Rick Gustin, Kevin Peterson.

Heat 5 - Jeff LeBaube, Bobby Allen, Gary Blackburn Jr., Mark Noble, Joey Kates.

B-main 1 – Jason Hughes, Mark Noble, Jason Russell, Dan Chapman, Tim Donlinger.

B-main 2 – Justin Boney, Rick Gustin, Skeet Amason, Kevin Peterson, Steve Grotz.

A-main - Mark Burgtorf, Bruce Hanford, Justin Boney, Darin Walker, Kelly Shryock, Mark Noble, Tommy Myer, Skeet Amason, Gary Blackburn Jr., Eddie Martin, Bob Test, Jason Hughes, Tim Donlinger, Curt Rackers, Johnny Bone Jr., Dan Daniels, Jeff LeBaube, Randy Zimmerman, Steve Payne, Kevin Peterson, David Mitchell, Danny Chapman, Rick Gustin, Jason Russell.

Scotland County Speedway, Memphis, Mo.

Saturday, June 15

Heat 1 – Darin Walker, Jason Hughes, Scott Megonigle, Dan Daniels, Kelly Smith.

Heat 2 – Rick Gustin, Andy Tennison, Scott Drake, Bob Dale, Justin Boney.

Heat 3 – Kevin Peterson, David Mitchell, Jim Roach, Troy Folkerts, Dennis Elliott.

Heat 4 – Tony Fraise, Bret Frieden, Mike Chasteen, Mark Burgtorf, Todd Klees.

Heat 5 – Rick Hixson, Bruce Hanford, Tommy Myer, Mark Noble, Michael Long.

B-main 1- Tommy Myer, Michael Long, Henry Delonjay, Skeet Amason, Bobby Allen.

B-main 2 – Mark Burgtorf, Justin Boney, Eddie Martin, Mark Noble, Steve Grotz.

B-main 3 – Kelly Shryock, Mike Chasteen, Jim Roach, Joey Kates, Corey Dripps.

A-main - Scott Megonigle Cedar Rapids, Ia, Bruce Hanford Davenport, IA, Bret Frieden Walford, IA, Kelly Shryock LeMars, IA, Tony Fraise Montrose, IA, Rick Gustin Marshalltown, IA, Mark Noble Blooming Prairie, MN, Michael Long Quincy, IL, Rick Hixson Orion, IL, Jason Hughes Colcord, OK, Todd Klees Rochester, MN, Dan Daniels Humboldt, KS, Justin Boney DeSota, KS, Kevin Peterson Peoria, IL, Tommy Myer Blooming Prairie, MN, Johnny Bone Jr., Blooming Prairie, MN, Steve Grotz Quincy, IL, Darin Walker Bowling Green, MO, Troy Folkerts Albia, IA, Andy Tennison Bartlett, TN, Mark Burgtorf Quincy, IL, David Mitchell Ashdown AR, Mike Chasteen, Creve Coeur, IL, Jim Roach Kahoka, MO.

Lee County Speedway, Donnellson, Iowa

Sunday, June 16

Heat 1 – Ron Schreiner, Scott Megonigle, Jason Hughes, Skeet Amason, Mike Chasteen.

Heat 2 – Todd Scharkey, Tom Goble, Kelly Shryock, Dan Daniels, Justin Boney.

Heat 3 – Corey Dripps, Tim Donlinger, Corey Richard, Curt Barnett, Jim Roach.

Heat 4 – Tony Fraise, Johnny Bone Jr., Bruce Hanford, Mark Noble, Joey Kates.

B-main 1 – Skeet Amason, Dan Daniels, Justin Boney, Joey Kates, Jim Lynch.

B-main 2 – Mike Chasteen, Tommy Myer, Eddie Martin, Paul Lawson, Rick Hixson.

A-main - Tony Fraise Montrose, IA, Kelly Shryock Lemars, IA, Tim Donlinger Rochester, MN, Corey Dripps Cedar Falls, IA, Bruce Hanford Davenport, IA, Johnny Bone Pea Ridge, AR, Ron Schreiner Hudson, WI, Mike Chasteen Creve Coeur, IL, Tommy Myer Blooming Prairie, MN, Tom Goble Burlington, IA, Curt Barnett El Paso, TX, Justin Boney Desota, KS, Mark Noble Blooming Prairie, MN, Randy Zimmerman, Fort Scott, KS, Dan Daniels Humboldt, KS, Joey Kates Kansas City, KS, Cory Richard Burlington, IA, Scott Megonigle Cedar Rapids, IA, Paul Lawson West Point, IA, Tim Tucker Lomax, IL, Skeet Amason New Boston, TX, Todd Scharkey Kasson, MN, Jason Hughes Colcord, OK, Eddie Martin Stillwell, OK.

Southern Iowa Speedway, Oskaloosa, Iowa

Monday, June 17

Heat 1 - Jason Krohn, Kelly Shryock, Tim Donlinger, Troy Folkerts, Tommy Myer.

Heat 2 - Mike Hughes, Johnny Bone, Chris Speiker, Bret Frieden, Marty Thompson.

Heat 3 - Jim Lynch, Scott Megonigle, Todd Scharkey, John VanDenBerg, Corey Dripps.

Heat 4 - Eddie Martin, Ron Schreiner, Justin Boney, Todd Klees, Mark Noble.

B-main 1 - Corey Dripps, Tim Donlinger, Skeet Amason, Randy Zimmerman, Ron Ver Beek.

B-main 2 - Marty Thompson, Tommy Myer, Jason Hughes, Brad Pinkerton, Mark Noble.

A-main - Chris Speiker Massena, IA, Kelly Shryock Lemars, IA, Mike Hughes Rose Hill, IA, Ron Schreiner Hudson, WI, Johnny Bone Pea Ridge, AR, Eddie Martin Stillwell, OK, Tommy Myer Blooming Prairie, MN, Todd Scharkey Kasson, MN, Justin Boney Desota, KS, Jason Hughes Colcord, OK, Bret Freiden Walford, IA, Mark Noble Blooming Prairie, MN, Marty Thompson Mineral, IL, Jason Krohn Slayton, MN, Dan Daniels Humboldt, KS, Ron Ver Beek Oskaloosa, IA, Scott Megonigle Cedar Rapids, IA, Todd Klees Rochester, MN, Jim Lynch Bloomfield, IA, Corey Dripps Cedar Falls, IA, Skeet Amason New Boston, TX, Troy Folkerts Albia, IA, Joey Kates Kansas City, KS, Tim Donlinger Rochester, MN.

Butler County Speedway, Allison, Iowa

Tuesday, June 18

Heat 1 - Todd Scharkey, Chuck Stanton, Jeremy Mills, Kevin Pittman, Mike Chasteen.

Heat 2 - Johnny Bone, Skeet Amason, Tim Weaver, J.D. Auringer, Jamie Aikey.

Heat 3 - Bruce Hanford, Corey Dripps, Tommy Myer, Rick Gustin, Randy Zimmerman.

Heat 4 - Justin Boney, Jason Hughes, John VanDenBerg, Joey Kates, Shawn Ryan.

Heat 5 - Dan Chapman, Jason Krohn, Les Duellman, Chad Lerch, Charlie McKenna.

Heat 6 - Kelly Shryock, Mark Noble, Todd Klees, Greg Elliott, Mike Sorensen.

B-main 1 - Mark Noble, Corey Dripps, Rick Gustin, Al Hejna, Mike Chasteen.

B-main 2 - Jason Hughes, Randy Zimmerman, Les Duellman, Jamie Aikey, Dean Mahlstadt.

B-main 3 - Jason Krohn, Vern Jackson, Jeremy Mills, Mike Sorensen, Terrance Prochaska.

A-main - Tommy Myer Blooming Prairie, MN, Jason Hughes Colcord, OK, Skeet Amason New Boston, TX, Kelly Shryock Lemars, IA, Justin Boney Desota, KS, John VanDenBerg Oskaloosa, IA, Randy Zimmerman Fort Scott, KS, Jason Krohn Slayton, MN, Ron Schreiner Hudson, WI, Joey Kates Kansas City, KS, Bruce Hanford Davenport, IA, Vern Jackson Waterloo, IA, Johnny Bone Pea Ridge, AR, corey Dripps Cedar Falls, IA, Danny Chapman Clarence, IA, Mike Chasteen Creve Coeur, IL, Mark Noble Blooming Prairie, MN, Jeremy Mills Des Moines, IA, Les Duellman, Winona, MN, Rick Gustin Marshalltown, IA, Todd Klees Rochester, MN, Todd Scharkey Kasson, MN, Dean Mahlstadt Garner, IA, Chuck Stanton New Hampton, IA.

Deer Creek Speedway, Racine, Minn.

Wednesday, June 19

Heat 1 - Todd Ihde, Bruce Hanford, David Siercks, Bobby Sorensen, Jim Arnold.

Heat 2 - Tommy Myer, Eddie Martin, Johnny Bone, Kelly Shryock, Bob Timm.

Heat 3 - Steve Wetzstein, Mike Sorensen, Skeet Amason, Curt Barnett, Tim Donlinger.

Heat 4 - Trent Follmer, Randy Zimmerman, Ron Schreiner, Tim Weaver, Justin Boney.

B-main 1 - Bob Timm, Justin Boney, Tim Weaver, Al Hejna, Nate Wasmund.

B-main 2 - Kelly Shryock, Mark Noble, Jim Arnold, Todd Klees, Bret Hansen.

A-main - Steve Wetzstein West Concord, MN, Bruce Hanford Davenport, IA, Johnny Bone Pea Ridge, AR, Skeet Amason New Boston, TX, Tommy Myer Blooming Prairie, MN, Jason Hughes Colcord, OK, Kelly Shryock Lemars, IA, Bob Timm Winona, MN, Justin Boney Desota, KS, Curt Barnett El Paso, TX, Jim Arnold Rochester, MN, Mike Chasteen Creve Coeur, IL, David Siercks Mounds View, MN, Todd Klees Rochester, MN, Dean Mahlstadt Garner, IA, Trent Follmer Elk River, MN, Mark Noble Blooming Prairie, MN, Joey Kates Kansas City, KS, Mike Sorensen Rochester, MN, Ron Schreiner Hudson, WI, Eddie Martin Stillwell, OK, Tim Weaver Westville, OK, Bobby Sorensen Rochester, MN, Todd Scharkey Kasson, MN, Todd Ihde Decorah, IA, Randy Zimmerman Fort Scott, KS.

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