FK Rod Ends Hard Charger

March 5, 2023

1 10B Brandon Givens Wichita, KS 19
2 0 Jake O'Neil Tucson, AZ 15
3 60 Dan Ebert Lake Shore, MN 13
3 12 Jason Hughes Watts, OK 13
5 65 Tyler Davis Haysville, KS 12
6 97 Cade Dillard Robeline, LA 9
7 24C Jim Chisholm Osage, IA 7
8 75 Terry Phillips Springfield, MO 6
9 49 Jake Timm Winona, MN 5
10 K9 Will Krup Mt. Carmel, IL 4
10 25C Cody Thompson Sioux City, IA 4
12 10 Cayden Carter Oskaloosa, IA 2
12 4 Jeremy Nelson Alexandria, MN 2
12 4D Bo Day Greenville, TX 2
15 11X Tom Berry Des Moines, IA 1
15 87 Darron Fuqua Mayetta, KS 1
15 58x Gary Christian Broken Bow, OK 1
One point is awarded to each eligible competitor for each car passed from his/her actual starting position to finishing position during each "A" Main (includes all points races). Provisional starters are not eligible for the FK Rod Ends Hard Charger Award at each event and earn no hard charger points at that event.

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