Grant Junghans USMTS Rookie of the Year

May 14, 2022

1 10C Cayden Carter Oskaloosa, IA 532
2 38T Dylan Thornton Santa Maria, CA 503
3 21K Kyle Brown Madrid, IA 491
4 00S Chris Spalding Montgomery City, MO 471
5 44S Shane DeVolder Pacifica, CA 469
6 56 Colton Horner Houston, TX 457
7 55 Chris Kratzer Wichita, KS 440
8 15W Kale Westover Altus, OK 404
9 90 Ryan Wetzstein West Concord, MN 350
10 369 Bart Taylor Sheridan, WY 345
11 8 Dillon McCowan Urbana, MO 264
12 55H A.J. Hoff Mantorville, MN 225
13 45 Chase Holland Saucier, MS 225
14 53JT Justin Thornton Chandler, AZ 210
15 1J Matt Jeratowski Madison, SD 210
16 17 Jon Plowman Woodbine, IA 120
17 USA1 Chris Hawkins Neosho, MO 45
18 511 Tanner Barnhart North Little Rock, AR 45
19 11B Donnie Barnhart North Little Rock, AR 45
Rookie points shall be awarded to each eligible competitor based on the his/her best twenty-four (24) points efforts during the year (includes all points races). Competitor may have participated in no more than twenty-four (24) USMTS events prior to the current year, and may not have won a USMTS "A" Main during a prior year.
Past Grant Junghans USMTS Rookie of the Year Award winners include Brooks Strength (2021), Tanner Mullens (2020), Hunter Mariott (2019) Jake O'Neil (2018), R.C. Whitwell (2017), Ricky Thornton Jr. (2016), Jesse Sobbing (2015), Cade Dillard (2014), Trevor Hunt (2013), Stormy Scott (2012), Jason Grimes (2011), Johnny Scott (2010) Grant Junghans (2009), Brandon Kenny (2008), Scott Green (2007), Jay Poidinger (2006), Brad McEwan (2005), Zack VanderBeek (2004), Corey Dripps (2003), Justin Boney (2002), Jason Hughes (2001) and Kevin Peters (2000).

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