FK Rod Ends Hard Charger

March 6, 2021

1 60 Dan Ebert Lake Shore, MN 15
2 19S Lucas Schott Chatfield, MN 12
3 17 Tommy Davis Jr. Rowlett, TX 11
4 0 Jake O'Neil Tucson, AZ 10
5 12H Mike Hansen Dickinson, ND 9
6 65X Carlos Ahumada Jr. Canutillo, TX 8
7 12 Jason Hughes Watts, OK 6
7 4R Dereck Ramirez Woodward, OK 6
9 4W Tyler Wolff Fayetteville, AR 5
9 20 Rodney Sanders Happy, TX 5
9 02 Tanner Mullens Wichita, KS 5
9 J17 Jake Gallardo Las Cruces, NM 5
9 33Z Zack VanderBeek New Sharon, IA 5
14 19SB Lance Mari El Centro, CA 3
14 12J Jason Ingalls Longview, TX 3
14 1ST Johnny Scott Las Cruces, MO 3
17 19 Dustin Sorensen Rochester, MN 2
17 12L Lucas Lee Paris, TN 2
19 75 Terry Phillips Springfield, MO 1
19 65 Tyler Davis Haysville, KS 1
19 K19 Will Krup Mt. Carmel, IL 1
One point is awarded to each eligible competitor for each car passed from his/her actual starting position to finishing position during each "A" Main (includes all points races). Provisional starters are not eligible for the FK Rod Ends Hard Charger Award at each event and earn no hard charger points at that event.

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